Saturday, April 23, 2011

An Easter post...

 And I've done it again...let another two weeks fly by and here it is, Easter.

April is always a busy month for us because both my husband and I have birthdays, as well as my dad and a few close friends...not to mention Easter.

A couple weeks back, we went out to a little farm where the "farmer" raises specialty hens.
He let the kids go and fetch his organic, free range eggs.

Although the eggs here look suspiciously white, they are, in fact the palest of green...!

I have never seen anything quite like them, so beautiful and unique!
Just thought these photos were appropriate for this weekend holiday...

I will leave you with a cheap and easy craft that the kids had fun creating...
Mod Podge eggs! I cut short, thin strips of different fabrics. I helped them dip the fabric in the Mod Podge
and then they wrapped it around the cheap plastic eggs!

Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Honeysuckle Bistro Set...

I can't believe it's already been almost 2 weeks since I last posted!
Time seriously scoots by and it's hard to even remember what went on in my life during this time...

What I do know is that Spring has arrived!
I do know that I have washed dirty fingernails several times in the last two weeks because I've had the chance to get out and garden.
MMMM! Nothing like a little grime under the nails to know it's spring!

Because the sun has graced our parts, I even did a little painting.
A lovely lady gifted me this set and told me to "work my magic" on it. 
Well, magic tricks aside, this adorable bistro set was destined for honeysuckle right from the get-go.

We built a new front porch over spring break, and this little beauty is the perfect piece of deck candy
any girl could ask for...
Although, I do believe fresh flowers are in order...
was thinking a great big galvanized milking bucket full of Gerber daisies would suit just fine!

 Spring is not my favorite season. It's like a teaser for summer. The sun is there, but the warmth isn't.
However, I have been known to have a sit-down at my bistro table, wooly socks shoved into Welly boots, thick yoga pants and a down ski jacket...all bundled and dreaming of summer...
Hey, it ain't classy, but a gal's gotta dream...

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